7 Essential Oils

The wealth of Fynbos [Fine bush] found in South Africa’s Western Province forms the world’s smallest and most ecologically diverse plant kingdom. In the Mediterranean climate of its mountainous habitat, frequented by winds, fires and summer drought, Fynbos has adapted – safeguarding the secrets of its valuable restorative qualities.

Now Moya unlocks the properties of Fynbos and other indigenous botanicals in a range of therapeutic home care products, distilled from the finest plant extracts and essential oils to bring you the energy, vitality and natural goodness of Africa in its purest form.

Buchu is useful in treating arthritis, rheumatism, kidney and urinary infections. In more modern times, Buchu’s uses have extended into treatment of water retention and cellulite.
In Western households, Zinziba has found many interesting uses in treating asthma, bronchitis and fevers and in speeding up recovery after illness. As a natural emollient, Zinziba creams and essential oils soothe and nourish dry, irritable skin.
Praised for its beautiful shower blooms, this species of Fynbos has been found in South African gardens for generations, where many of its practical benefits have been discovered. The plant’s gentle properties are used in relieving fevers, sore throats, aches and pains and also for soothing dry, lacklustre skin.
Found in the remote mountainous regions of the Cape, this chamomile has been used in traditional African “muthi” [medicine] for centuries. The deep blue oil extracted from this plant has been hailed for its stress relieving, antidepressant and sedative properties.
Anecdotally known for its mood enhancing and sedative qualities, Cape Snowbush has a proud history in the South African home, finding use as a natural hair tonic, decongestant, cold and flu reliever and has proven effective in the easing and relaxation of muscular pains.
Lanyana [or African Wormwood] is indigenous to the mountainous regions of South Africa but is also found as far north as Ethiopia. Traditionally, Lanyana teas have alleviated stomach pains and disorders, while vapours of the boiling leaves ease bronchial ailments.
Endemic Cape Geranium has become celebrated for its powerful healing properties. In times gone by the fragrant deep green oil extracted from this plant found use in a great variety of treatments. In modern applications, the Cape Geranium has become appreciated for its balancing and tonic like effect on the liver and kidneys and has proven effective in detoxifying the system, assisting in weight loss and in treating cellulite.