Moya Special Qualities

Moya’s synergies assist in alleviating a variety of ailments and can be seen as a useful complement to modern preventative medicine. Unlike many products on the market today, Moya is vegetable oil based, thus containing no mineral oils, has no added colourants or artificial fragrances, does not diminish the skin’s natural acidic mantle and is not tested on animals.

Other special features include quality: The products have been designed with very high quality ingredients in formulations with as few ingredients as possible. Many modern skin/hair care products contain 20 or more ingredients including many preservatives and colourants.

Dermatologists now believe that the greater the number of ingredients – the more likely the product will be sensitizing to the skin. International safety testing has been performed on all the Moya products. Moya products also contain no materials of animal origin and are all mainly acidic in nature. Alkaline products with a pH factor above 7 can strip the skin of protective oils.

The Moya range is preservative free as far as possible. The oils and synergies are 100% paraben free.

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